About Playscheme

Leyland Playscheme was founded in 1974 with the intention of not only providing fun activities for younger children of South Ribble and the surrounding areas; but also to provide young adults the chance to give something back to the community. To this day it's aims remain the same and it is unique in it's organisation and character. It is rare in today's society to see evidence of such a large scale feeling of community spirit and volunteering from a wide cross-section of the community.  Click here to read more about the history and founder of Leyland Playscheme.

After many successful years running the Leyland Playscheme we expanded and now also run the Samlesbury Mega-Fun Week for the Canberra Club at British Aerospace in Samlesbury. This week provides facilities for a further 1000 plus children for the week prior to Leyland Playscheme.

Our primary activities are the Playscheme weeks themselves at the end of July and beginning of August. We entertain over 1,000 children everyday providing a massive range of activities from Arts & Crafts to Archery and from Sports & Games to Snooker and Swimming. We cater for children aged 5 through to 14 and they are split into three distinct age groups with activities suited to their needs.

INFANTS ages 5 to 7        MAINSTREAM ages 8 to 11                 TEENZ ages 12 to 14           .

Infants Animals Shield          Mainstream Major League Logo Shield          Teenz Logo

What else do we do?

Throughout the year we organise activities such as Road shows, attend other community events and organise a wide range of fund-raising events to underpin the work we do in the summer. These events are growing and growing and are becoming as widely anticipated as the Playscheme itself.

We also carry out our staff training across the county in May, June & July. Our training programme is constantly reviewed and enhanced to keep up to date with all relevant legislation.

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