Leyland Playscheme

Leyland Playscheme is a registered children's charity (Registration No: 514978) who operate for the sole benefit of the young people of the North West of England.  We rely completley on donations and good will and have now been around for 40 years!

The scheme is truly unique and has touched many many thousands of lives in Leyland; if you ask anyone in Leyland the likliehood is they will have fond memories of their time volunteering or taking part in the Playscheme at some point in their lives.  Each year we are still astounded by the overwhelming support of our volunteers who give up over 40 hours of their own time to work on Playscheme.

Despite many threats over the years the Playscheme still exists and goes from strength to strength.  Especially over recent times we have had to evolve immensely just to exist, the world we live in is changing and so the scheme must do to ensure our number one priority which is the safety and security of over 1,000 children each week.  Whilst the systems and policies may have changed our philosophy hasn't and even in today's modern world we hold onto the traditional values of 'Learning through Play'.  Long before the DfE had even thought of 'Every Child Matters' this mantra was a part of our organisation where our training emphasised the importance of total inclusion and enjoyment.

If you would like to be a part of this unique organisation then take a look at our 'Get Involved' page for more information.

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