Who runs the Playscheme

Who We Are

The Playscheme's are all completely staffed by volunteers. We are run by committee led by an experienced team of Directors. Each scheme ‘employs' in region of 200 staff so it is imperative we have a clear and distinct organisational structure. By far our most important staff are our hundreds of group leaders who take on the massive responsibility of caring for the children attending the scheme. For many of them it is one of the most exacting tasks they will ever be asked to do and they all do a fantastic job.

The Director's of the scheme are ultimately responsible for the smooth running of the scheme and effectively the ‘buck' stops with them. They are ably assisted by the Executive Committee consisting of the Secretary, Treasurer, Staff Events Officer, Corporate Fund Raising Officer, Community Relations Officer and Interanl & External Communications Officers.

The five Director's all work very closely as a team and have responsibility for particular areas.

Ian Bruce | Natalie Wells | Paul Carr | Ann Greenwood | Phil Wells

The Executive committee underpins the roles of the Directors and their job would be impossible without their help. They are comprised of....

Amanda Bruce | Phil Wells | John Lowe | Charlene Riley | Emma Cowan | Matthew Cowan | Edel Bean

It would be impossible to name every single person responsible for the smooth running of the scheme. We have experienced workshop leaders, Section leaders and group leaders. Many of our staff, indeed all the Directors have grown up with the scheme taking more responsibility as and when the time is right.  For most staff the scheme has guided their career and they are childcare professionals in a wide range of settings.

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